NYC Vintage Subway Ride

Every holiday season the NYC MTA brings back a vintage train allowing riders to experience a piece of NYC history.

Hop on board and get a feel for riding the subways of yesteryear. See what advertisements were tickling the fancy of straphangers, and experience the comfort of padded subway seats.

The train sports two different types of cars from the past each with a very distinct flavor. There are many signs explaining the rich history of the cars and you should plan to wander through them all (the doors between cars are OPEN) to get the full experience.

The schedule for the 2015 season has not come out yet, it can normally be found HERE.

The ride costs the same as any subway ride in NYC, just $2.75!

The Vintage train runs every Sunday from mid-November to the end of December.


Check out the website for complete schedule information.


You can catch the vintage train running along the M subway line. It runs between the Second Avenue stop in Manhattan and the Queens Plaza stop in Queens.

Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!