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$0.00 - $10.00
Check out some experimental art at MoMA's exhibition offshoot!
Arrr, hello thar, argh! PirateCon! The time t' live your fantasy o' bein' a pirate. Pillage and plunder (Please don’t. That’s wrong.) with your crew and enjoy some rum (Please do) around New York City.
Celebrate all things gay at the NYC Gay Pride Parade.
The Bronx Zoo
$0.00 - $16.00
Check out the Bronx Zoo on any Wednesday and pay what you want for admission.
NYC Unicycle Festival
Ride on over to the one-wheeled wonderland this September!
The New Museum
The New Museum offers art lovers and the art curious; free admission every Thursday from 7-9pm!
The Guggenheim
$0.00 - $18.00
Every Saturday starting at 5:45PM the Guggenheim museum allows visitors to pay whatever they like for admission.
Lincoln Center
Every Thursday at 8:00PM there are FREE performances
The Museum of Modern Art
Fridays are FREE days at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). From 4-8pm get free admission to all the museum has to offer including the special exhibits!
The High Line
This old cargo railway was turned into a beautiful park for all ages to enjoy!
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Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!