Who are we?

CheapNYC is all about how to live and visit New York City without spending a lot of money! Learn from us as cheap, I mean frugal, New Yorkers. We are here to prove to you that New York City can
be affordable and fun! This site is going to be full of information consisting of exciting stuff to do throughout the five boroughs of New York. To one-up everyone else, we are focusing on the coverage of events.. When events are happening, we will be there to cover them, making sure to pass on an accurate assessment to all of you! Eventually, most of the content provided on the site will be supported with actual video and/or images, showing you exactly what it will be like before you go!

Our Mission

CheapNYC wants to make a reputation online as well as within the community. We want you to trust our opinions of what’s worth while and what you can skip. You may question our opinion, but that’s okay! We are merely a tool for your use, aiming to expedite your good time! No one enjoys wasting time, and the content we provide on our site will only be shown if it meets our standards.If we don’t think something is worthwhile, we won’t list it. We'll be the ones to waste time and sift through all New York City has to offer. All you have to do is check back in, read, and enjoy!

Our Goal

In addition to providing useful and insightful content, we plan to host events here and there. Fun times to be had by all for a great price. These events may consist of meet ups at various places to some crazy parties. You won’t want to miss them! Make sure you follow us and keep checking back! We are currently in beta phase so bear with us; amazing stuff is on the way!

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Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!