Top 5 Places for Cheap, Delicious Dumplings!
Here is our opinion of the top five places for cheap delicious dumplings! We took on the streets of Chinatown to find the best of the best and we narrowed it down to our favorites.

5. Prosperity Dumpling | 46 Eldridge Street | 5 for $1.00

Step right in and and you’ll see a few cheerful people frying dumplings in the back. It’s a small place with some bar stool like seating but don’t count on getting a spot. It’s usually crowded. Expect to stand and eat. It’s worth it though. These dumplings are freshly made and and are pretty large! A few good solid bites per dumpling. Not those bite sized dumplings from those certain fancy chinese restaurants. These dumplings have a lot of chive flavor too. All wrapped in a thin, tender dumpling dough. Mmmm.

4. Vanessa’s Dumpling House | 118 Eldridge Street | 4 for $1.00

One of the more famous dumpling spots in NYC. They have a nice sized menu of a variety of foods. They offer much more than dumplings but for this list; that doesn’t matter. Vanessa's is the most commercialized place on the list. It’s a large restaurant with a lot of seating but this place is usually crowded; so expect to wait a bit to get a seat. The dumplings are big and have the thickest dough we came across. But they sure do cook them well. A nice crisp bottom on each dumpling. Different from the rest!

3. China North Dumpling | 27A Essex Street | 10 for $2.00

Located next to a back and foot rub place, lies China North Dumpling. Get full on dumplings then get rubbed out. The perfect combo. China North Dumplings has a delightful staff with a great menu full of awesomeness. They have the most unique tasting dumplings that we came across - they seem to have ginger in them. Others might also have ginger but these had the strongest ginger flavor. A very interesting taste in a nice evenly fried dumpling. They have a perfect meat to wrapper ratio as well!

2. Dumplings | 25B Henry Street | 5 for $1.00

Located near Henry and Catherine st. is another dollar spot that many locals eat at. This is small place makes great dumplings for everyone to enjoy. People were eating outside on the stoop. There is a little seating area inside. You could probably get a seat. They were full of meat with great pork flavor. But not too much! They have a great meat to wrapper ratio too.

1. Tasty Dumpling | 54 Mulberry Street | 5 for $1.25

Our favorite was Tasty Dumplings at Mulberry and Bayard Street. This little place packs a punch with large dumplings that have a great dough thickness. Filled with tons of pork and chives. Tons. The dumplings needed a forklift. For real. The dumplings also had an even fry on them all for a great taste! There will probably be a little line that goes through the seating area. Worth the wait.

Let us know your opinion or if you know other places that we don't!

Prices of these delicious dumplings range between $1.00 and $2.00!

The dumplings spots are open each day. During normal business hours and a little later on weekends.

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