The High Line

The High Line is a kickass urban park that stretches from 31st down to Gansevoort Street along the West Side. This elevated park used to be an old cargo railroad to carry food and manufactured goods to various factories and warehouses. The tracks connected to the various destinations for these goods. The train would travel down the Lower West Side and drop off the goods. Having the track elevated prevented increased amounts of traffic and decreased the amount of injuries and deaths on 10th ave, formally know as “Death Avenue”.

Several years ago all the wild tall grass, shrubs, weeds, and trees that sprung up from the railway were cleaned up and renovated into a beautiful park. The first part of the park opened up in 2009. The second part opened up in June 2011. While walking on the path that travels through the park, you can still see remnants of the railway. The designers and architects took advantage of that and made them into pieces of art. The new greenery, with tons of plant life, live along the track and special lounge chairs sit on top. While relaxing you can see some incredible views of the city and the Hudson River. Don’t forget to check out the art installations that are scattered along the park -- they keep changing too so you can always see something new.

Besides strolling the length of the park and not having to deal with intersections like you would on your typical walk, consider partaking in one of the many events that are held at the park: performances of all sorts, exhibitions, interactive stuff for the kiddos, dancing, seasonal activities, and more. Now get off your butt and go to the park!


The High Line is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily. Last entrance to the park is at 10:45 PM.

Access to the High Line is possible via any of the access points listed below.

  • Gansevoort Street
  • 14th Street (elevator access)
  • 16th Street (elevator access)
  • 18th Street
  • 20th Street
  • 23rd Street (elevator access coming soon)
  • 26th Street
  • 28th Street
  • 30th Street (elevator access)

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