Arrr, hello thar, argh! PirateCon is comin' up. What's PirateCon you ask?, argh! Well, argh! Tis' a pirate themed bar crawl that will happen in NYC and many other cities. The time t' live your fantasy o' bein' a pirate. Pillage and plunder (Please don’t. That’s wrong.) with your crew and enjoy some rum (Please do) around New York City.

Whar the ad'enture begins, no one knows until the day before. A map will be provided, matie.

The fun festi'ities be free but the drinks be not. Check out the facebook event page for all the details about the e'ent. Pirate Costume is Mandatory.

The convention is free but the drinks are on you, matie!

The date for the 2015 PirateCon has been announced for September 19 (Talk like a pirate day).  The adventure begins at 12 Noon and will end at 10pm.

They provide a map of the route shortly before the event.  We'll keep you posted.

Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!