New Years Eve in Times Square

Happy New Year!  Catch the world famous ball drop in Times Square to ring in the New Year.

When to get there:

The best way to get a good spot is to get there EARLY.  The police construct the barricade zone at around noon which is the time most people start filing in.  We suggest you arrive between 11am and 12pm (noon).  The NYPD plans to close entry to the viewing area at 3pm.

How to get there:

SUBWAY!  Whatever you do, don't drive.  If you have a car, drive somewhere in the city that you will be able to find parking or use a lot that is close to a subway and then use the subway to get there. 


  • Be prepared!
  • There will be massive crowds and security checks where they WILL check your bags.
  • Eat a big lunch and empty your bodies before marking your spot on Broadway. Once you have your spot you won't be able to leave. Well... you can but someone WILL take your spot once you are gone.
  • Be calm. There will be a lot of people. Bumping into each other, stepping on your feet. Don't get angry. Expect it. It will happen.
  • Dress warm!

Have a great New Year!

To celebrate the New Year in Times Square is FREE!

When the clock strikes MIDNIGHT!  But you better get there much sooner than that!  Check out the info on our page.

Times Square

Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!