Village Halloween Parade

Prepare to witness a real life horror film right in NYC. The sun goes down. A chill comes through. Screams fill the air. A subway full of freaks; and we don’t mean the usual New Yorkers you see. An erie night begins on Halloween. Zombies take on the streets, followed by trolls, clowns, pirates, and whatever people can imagine. Make sure to witness the horror of the Village Halloween Parade! Stretching over a mile down 6th Avenue; millions of people come to watch and participate. Letting their creativity shine with their costumes. It’s quite a show. Many types of people walk the parade along with dancers, artist, performers, floats, live bands, and much more. It’s not your normal parade!

Scary people to sexy people fill the parade. Incredible costumes and puppets fill the streets in and out of the parade. The whole city is taken over. You get to live the horror film you’ve dreamed nightmare’d about. The NYC Village Halloween Parade is the largest Halloween parade in the world. So, come prepared. Expect crowds. There will be a lot of people. Get there early to get a good view of the parade.

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Free to see and to particapate in!

The Parade starts at 7:00pm and ends around 11:00pm.

If you want to participate, check out thier site for more information.

Spring street and 6th ave all the way up to 21st and 6th.

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