Gay Pride Parade

What began as an annual demonstration for civil rights following the Stonewall Riots in NYC (1969) has blossomed into an all out celebration of all things gay.  The atmosphere is pure joy as PRIDE takes hold of everyone watching and the spectacle is well worth a look.

2011 was a particularly festive and party atmosphere as the parade kicked off just days after New York had passed legislation legalizing gay marriage.  Governor Cuomo, who championed the legislation, marched to the wild cheers of 'Thank You' from thrilled couples who would now be able to tie the knot. 

2015 was the year that gay marriage became legal across the nation!

2016 promises to continue the trend - check it out!

Check out the NYC Pride website for more information about the parade here:

To watch the parade is FREE!

June 2016 - exact date not yet announced.

The parade route runs along Fifth Avenue starting at 36th Street and going down to 8th Street where it turns right and heads west.

Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!