Mini Golf at Pier 25

You are standing at the tee... Staring down the fairway to the hole... You see it in the distance... About 15 feet away... You focus... Feeling the breeze coming from the right, you’ll need to compensate for that... You align your putter... Take some warm up swings... The pressure is on... Your buddy got it in two hits! You need a hole in one... Focus... FOCUS... You swing... The putter makes contact with the ball. It rolls slowly but surely towards the hole... And a miss... Welcome to my freaking life! Luckily there is a max of five hits per hole. Well, no one enforces it but it is an easy way out. Why is mini golf so hard?

Each of the 18 holes have their own challenges. Those nasty sand traps made from cork board, or a creek going through the middle of the course. And those rocks! They are everywhere. It is not pleasant when you hit your balls on a rock. So watch out while you play.

Mini Golf in New York City! That’s all I need to say. Go down to Pier 25 for a full 18 holes of mini golf. Surround yourself with views of Battery Park City and the Westside. You can't go wrong! Great for dates too!

Check out their site for more information.

For only $5, you can enjoy a full 18 holes!
Children under 14: $4
*Cash only.

Weekdays and weekends: 10:00am - 10:00pm during summer

Noon - 6:00pm Fall, Winter, Spring

Pier 25

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