Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Every Thanksgiving Day Macy’s throws one of the largest parades in New York City. Millions of people come and watch the parade. Thousands of people participate; helping carry all the amazing balloons to running the nicely decorated floats. The best marching bands fly in from around the country. Performers from all over come and perform.

With all that sweet stuff going on for FREE; people get there early. Some get there as early as 6:30am. Dress warm and pack some snacks. You won’t want to leave your spot.

Where do I catch this incredible parade, you ask?! The parade travels a mile down from Central Park West at 77th St. to Columbus Circle. Then along Central Park South to 7th Ave., down 7th Ave. to 42nd St., along 42nd St. to 6th Ave., down 6th Ave. to 34th St. and along 34th Street to Macy's Herald Square. Route is also shown in the map to the right.

In addition to the parade. If you want to check out the behind the scenes, you can watch the balloons get inflated.

To watch the parade is FREE!

Happening each year on Thanksgiving Day.  For 2015 it's Thursday, November 26th.

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Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!