Front Row Free Movies at South Street Seaport

What could be better than free outdoor movies, free popcorn, free seating and a bar spitting distance away?  Not much.  South Street Seaport has a great lineup of movies playing every Saturday and Wednesday throughout the early summer.  Relax in provided seating, but get there early (we recommend getting there an hour early) to snag the best seats - or you can bring your own seating to make sure you have somewhere to plant yourself.  One of the unique things about the Seaport free movies that you won't find at most other free movie nights taking place in parks is the opportunity to order some nice refreshments - a nice mixed drink or a large beer - to enjoy with the movie. Check out their website:

Front Row Cinema 2015 Schedule:

Season over: We'll let you know as soon as they announce their next season.



The movies are Free!

Every Saturday and Wednesday at 8pm. (Not currently showing)

South Street Seaport.

Fulton Street and Water Street, Downtown Manhattan

Coming Soon: Our complete schedule of free movies in NYC for 2015!